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In our Christian journey, we often encounter hindrances and offences that can impede our spiritual progress. Jesus’ interactions, particularly when He told Peter to “get behind me” in Matthew 16, provide valuable insights into overcoming these obstacles.

Hindrances can take various forms—doubts, fears, or distractions—that divert our focus from God’s purpose. In Matthew 16, with good intentions, Peter tried to dissuade Jesus from the path of suffering and sacrifice. However, Jesus recognised the hindrance and addressed it promptly.

Offences, too, can disrupt our spiritual journey. People may say or do things that hurt us, causing bitterness or resentment. Jesus, however, teaches us resilience. When Peter’s words became an offence, Jesus confronted it head-on. He understood that succumbing to offences would hinder the greater purpose.

Jesus’ response to Peter illustrates a vital lesson—acknowledge hindrances and offences, but don’t let them derail your journey. By telling Peter to “get behind me, Satan,” Jesus emphasised that hindrances often originate from a worldly perspective. We must learn to discern and reject these influences, keeping our focus on God’s plan.

When it comes to offences, forgiveness is the key. Holding onto grudges only hinders our spiritual growth. Jesus, even amid betrayal, demonstrated forgiveness on the cross. As followers of Christ, we’re called to forgive as we have been forgiven, allowing God’s grace to flow through us.