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Will you?

God is calling all Christians into something greater. The moment God is calling us, He calls us from a desert place into fulfilment, and on the journey, we should trust and have faith in God to move and direct us into the promise He has destined us to walk in. 

God called Abraham from his father’s house to a country overflowing with milk and honey, and by faith, Abraham went to the country even though he did not know where he was going, but he still obeyed God’s instruction. We are the called out ones of God, and to receive the promises God has destined for us, we should go where He sends us. 

We often choose to leave what is good to go and find what is not good outside of God. God is our provision, and nothing besides God can fulfil our desires and needs, and we should trust in Him to send us to a place where we will receive the promise. 

God is testing our hearts if we are willing to let go of whatever hinders the Holy Spirit to fulfil His tasks within and through our lives. If we go where God sends us, we walk into the fullness of the promise. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Will You?” by David Grobler