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winning in steps

Life is about multiple steps towards success, and God determines our every step in life. There is no shortcut to being successful, and therefore, as we journey through life, God allows certain situations to occur in our life that develops our character for the purpose God created us to walk in. These situations are part of the process of life. 

There are specific steps we need to go through in life, and most of the steps we take will not be in a linear direction towards success. God is in the good and bad steps of life, and He allows every step to work together for our good. Therefore, as faithful Christians, we should believe that not every step back is a step away from the promises and purposes of God for our lives. 

We should worship God and trust that He will carry us through every step we take in life. God celebrates every step we take, and we should also rejoice and learn to worship God on the journey. Although the steps we take might seem irrelevant in the natural, we should have faith that God’s plans and purpose for our lives exceed natural understanding.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Winning in Steps” by David Grobler