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Worship is more than just the melodies that fill our ears or lyrics that resonate with our hearts. It’s a state of being, transcending musical genres, echoing through every facet of our existence.

At its core, worship is a reflection of what we consider worthy. Broken down into its linguistic components, “worship” comprises “worth” and “ship,” embodying the concept of viewing something or someone as worthy.

Consider this: What occupies your thoughts during worship? Do we evaluate the contents of our hearts and thoughts, or do our minds drift off? If God’s physical presence were undeniable, our worship might lose its authenticity. Yet, our faith emanates through worship, for He’s present even if unseen.

Reflecting on Genesis 22:1-5, we saw how Abraham’s willingness to offer his beloved son underscored the heart of worship – surrendering what is cherished most. This resonates with the profound truth that what we love should be secondary to our love for God. Just as Jesus paid the ultimate cost for us, our worship, too, bears a price and aroma.

Do we offer our devotion freely or hold back, apprehensive of the cost? Just as God spared no expense in expressing His love for us, may our worship reflect that profound and sacrificial love.