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The story of worth starts at the cross. 

All of us are in need of Jesus. There is one event in the bible that makes Jesus stop and marvel: A Centurion man expresses his understanding that he is not worth it that Jesus should come to his house, but that Jesus can merely say the word and then the man’s servant will be healed (Luke 7:6-7).  

Jesus calls this a display of great faith. Too often, we think we have to be worth it (based on who we are and what we’ve done) for Jesus to respond to us. Jesus doesn’t respond to you being worth it, He responds because you recognize that you cannot do it without Him. Pride says, “I am worth it, because of what I’ve done”, but coming to Jesus is not an exchange. There is nothing we can offer Jesus that can ever measure up to what He gives us; the bible says even our good deeds are like a filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6).

Great faith comes from seeing yourself as you are. We were born in sin and our sin disqualifies us, but His righteousness qualifies us. You are worth it because of the cross and what He has done. Your worth is not in your deeds or your actions or your victories. Your worth is locked up in this treasure: The Cross. Your value is derived from God and how He loves you.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Worthy” by David Grobler